From Panama
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Along the silk road

Andrea Gilberti - Photographer

Andrea was born in Brescia in 1977. He started to take photos at a very young age, thanks to his father photographer. His passion for photography was growing until he became professional. He likes to collaborate with artists and artistic institutions. One of his favorite genre is reportage. He is the author of Settemilamiglialontano book titled B-side travel. He took part in some important photo exhibitions such as Matières Sensible, Discontinuità narrative (Milan), Settemilamiglialontano (Brescia)

Valeria Lo Meo - Driver

Valeria comes from the beautiful city of Palermo. She studied International Political Science and she currently lives and works in Verona. In 2006 she decided to turn her passion into a profession and became freelance video director and editor. She is the author of the video for the project 13 Coins, which kept her busy for 6 years when she was traveling around several countries such as Brazil, Philippines, Greenland, Belarus, Mali, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Uganda and Amazon. In 2011 she won the 1st place at the FEP (Federation of European Photographers) Awards for the best photographic reportage book of the previous 3 years. She is also the prizewinner of the Media Stars Award (greatest Italian prize in advertising) for the best direction and editing of 2012. 

Alice Cristiano - Journalist

Alice was born in Verona in 1982. She is graduated from law. In 2001 she started to work as press officer for the Integrated University hospital Company. In 2008 she became a collaborator of TV broadcaster Telenuovo. Recently she work as TV & Events presenter in Verona and it’s province, she moderates political discussions and writes her personal blog. 

Diana Facile - Journalist

Diana originally comes from the charming city of Puglia, but recently she lives in Lombardy. According to her words, she is a nomad at heart. She loves writing and travelling. She holds BA in European and Extra-European Languages and Literature. She works as interpreter and cultural mediator. She has published some of her novels on the magazine El Ghibli. She won the second prize at the literary competition Fuori al Cassetto. Recently, she publishes travel diaries and articles for the online magazine Il Giornale dei Viaggi.

Alberto Petrò - Photographer

Alberto was born in Brescia in 1980 as well as his team colleague Andrea. He got closer to photography when he was 19 years old. After a period of various experiences abroad (Berlin, Marseille), he turned back to Italy. He has been working as photographer for more than 15 years and he has participated in many national and international photo and artistic exhibitions. Recently he lives in Brescia where he has his photo studio - INLIMBO.  

Matteo Rossato - Driver

Born in Padua in 1985, Matteo left his home town in 2008 and started his adventure as a full-time backpacker. A burning desire to learn about new cultures and fuel his passion for photography led him to spend the last six years of his life between Australia, Asia and Central America: surfing and meditation helped him develop a relationship between sea and mind. An old worn-out backpack and a camera as his companions, he travels through continents, countries and cities, rides the wave and lives his adventures deep in touch with the natives and their cultures. And this makes him a real traveller, someone who can come up with a new life in every place and find his own dimension: yesterday as a tour guide discovering Vietnam, today as a cook on a boat sailing the Pacific Ocean and tomorrow as a driver of the 7milamiglialontano expedition.

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