From Kazakhstan
To China

Long distance, endless empire
15 July
Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Space and time embraced in one
underline the charm of a perfect blend of natural landscape, culture and history.
Large distances, ethnic and cultural differences, past and present, mystery…

Passing the baton

It’s 2 AM, four ours more than in Italy, and we finally arrived to the Hotel Kazakhstan. Tomorrow morning we will meet the first team “Italy to Kazakhstan” which will pass us the baton. We are excited, our adventure directed to China can start!

ALMATY. 43° 16’ 39” NORD . 76° 53’ 44” EAST
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ALMATY. 43° 16’ 39” NORD . 76° 53’ 44” EAST
BISHEK. 42° 52’ 28” NORD . 74° 36’ 43” EAST
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#7MML. Today we woke up early in order to reach our goal, a small town on the way to the step of #Torugat, one of the entrance gates to the Silk Road Uighur territory – #Kochor.

Flavor of Bishek

On the way to Kochor, we stopped in Bishek, the capital and the largest city of Kyrgyzstan. Colorful markets and streets full of trees providing shade in the hot summers are in contrast with soviet-style blocks and public buildings...

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Ottavio Tomasini - Photographer

Ottavio was born in 1958, he is happily married and he has three beautiful children. He graduate in photography at the European Institute of Design. He works as a freelance photographer mainly in the commercial and the touristic sector. He cooperates with companies such as Albatrosfilms, Ocean, Sangiorgio, Bialetti, Olimpia Splendid, Valtur, Cormorano, Boscolo Tour, Terme e Grandi Alberghi di Sirmione, and many others. Ottavio started to travel in his youth and he has documented his trips with amazing photos. He is also the author of four documentaries about sport adventures in Alaska, Australia, Mali and Canada.

Alessandro Milini - Videomaker

Alessandro is born in 1965 in Brescia, where he also lives. He was a founding member, film director and executive producer of AlbatrosFilm, a company producing advertising films. In his portfolio you can find: TV commercials, corporate films, documentaries and music videos. He absolved two interesting stages in directing and screenwriting, one in Rome with Ron Richards and one in Milan with Salvatore Nocita. In 2003 he co-founded a film school – FilmLab and the year after he became Artistic Director of school festival - FilmLabFestival in Brescia. Since 2004 he is Professor at the Catholic University of Brescia in the laboratory STARS (Science and Technology Arts and Entertainment).

Luca Rizzotti - Journalist

Luca, ex-rugby player, was born in 1965, studied Law at the University of Parma and now he is married with two children. He is the founder of Biograf a small company specialized in writing biographies of people or companies. He collaborated with Cast4/Radio24 as producer of Destini incrociati. Since 2011, he has been working for a local newspaper - Giornale di Brescia. Recently, he teaches law and economics at the Marco Polo High School in Brescia.

Nico Bonometti - Photographer

Nico works for the association Viaggieviaggi. His world is made of traveling, adrenaline and new experience. He passed through the desserts of Wadi Rum (Jordan), Acacus (Libya), Gobi (Mongolia), Atacama (Chile), Ramlat as Sabatain (Yemen), the Great Sand Sea (Egypt), the Dogon (Mali) on his mountain bike. It was not enough for his explorer spirit and he continued his adventure climbing up to Kilimanjaro, Kala Pattar, Rakshi Peak, Punta Lenana (Kenya), Toubkal (Marocco), Tahat (Algeria) and other mountains. For Nico one of the biggest adventure is to discover human figures, different cultures, markets, celebrations, traditions and roots. The nature, but also, or mostly, people! He is always trying to build an informal relationship, if not a real friendship, with people he meets on his travels. 

Paolo Ferraglio - Photographer - Driver

Paolo is an insurance broker and lover of photography born in 1973.  Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Iceland, Australia and Morocco, these are just some of the many destinations he has visited and photographed. Paolo loves searching through the lens for expressions, faces and unexpected smiles. Photography has always been his passion and he is a firm believer of the phrase “The best photos are the one that you like the most”. Another one of his passions is Rugby, he is the founder of the CBD (Brescia Down-Syndrome Centre) Rugby Club. Working with the families and the children of the club he gets a lot of warmth and new energy from them. He is very excited and keen about the project 7mml, so keen that after being involved he went straight home and prepared his suitcase.

Antonio Panigalli - Driver

Antonio was born in 1960 in Brescia.  He completed technical studies and gained professional experience in the security sector before moving to various entrepreneurial serial activities. He took part in some pioneering projects with innovative formats such as retail parks, multiplex cinemas, outlet factory stores, amusement parks, B2B barter, digital signage. He was co-promoter of IBAN Brescia and also a partner and a member of the Board of Directors for KIWIcom and Fondamenta. He is also co-promoter of the business network HUBS, platforms dedicated to support start-ups and innovative social ideas.  

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