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Let’s go: from Malindi to the Mediterranean

After the sensational sunrise on the wide beach of Malindi, the team # 7 begins the difficult challenge of driving in a large part of Africa from the Indian Ocean to the savannah, through the deserts Nubian and Sahara to the Mediterranean sea.

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MALINDI. 3° 13’ 9” SOUTH . 40° 7’ 0,8” EAST
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If there's a place in Africa where you can speak italian this is Malindi. #7MML

Italian Africa

You can find almost everywhere drunken fishermen who speak fluent Italian and try to sell a shark tooth, a necklace or a trip to the marine park.

MALINDI. 3° 13’ 9” SOUTH . 40° 7’ 0,8” EAST
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NAIROBI. 1° 17’ 31” SOUTH . 36° 49’ 19” EAST
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The African metropolises are usually strange places and Nairobi is one of them. #AroundTheWorld

The center is modern, has a skyline of skyscrapers under construction. At the same time, is the only city in the world with a safari park next door.

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Mattia Cacciatori - Photographer

Mattia was born in 1988 in the beautiful city of Verona (Italy) where he currently lives and works. He studied. After having graduated in International Cooperation for Development, he felt in love with reportage photography. He has traveled around Mongolia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ecuador, Israel, Palestine, Gaza, Jordan, Turkey and Serbia. Recently he works as a freelance photographer and videomaker for event and wedding agencies, digital agencies and marketing agencies. He collaborates with Luzphoto Agency, Eastudio and Aquest.  

Luciano Perbellini - Photographer

Luciano was born in Zevio (Verona, Italy) in1973. He studied Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona. In 1996, he started to publish articles about culture in the daily local newspaper L’Arena. In October 2001, after the September 11 attacks, he left to Afghanistan, where he focused on reportage photography. Then he continued in Albania, Thailand, India, Greenland, Fortaleza, Uganda, Mali, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Mali, Burkina Faso, Belarus and Amazon. In 2002, he opened his own photography studio Atelier bottega di fotografia in the beautiful city of Verona (Italy). His last project, 13 Coins, kept him busy for 6 years and brought him the first prize at the European Photo Book of the Year Award in 2010. 

Matteo Sandrini - Videomaker

Matteo lives in Brescia (Italy). He finished his bachelor at the Faculty of Design and Art at the University of Bozen (Italy) and master studies in Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester (UK) Bachelor. Recently he works as a freelance in Visual Communication. He is interested in Sensory Media, through the deployment of the ethnographic method. 

Akis Temperidis - Journalist

Akis was born in Thessaloniki (Greece). According to his words, the world is his home. He loves adrenaline (cars, motorcycles and adventure sports), traveling, writing and photography. He worked as journalist and deputy editor for the top Greek car magazines such as 4Wheels and 2Wheels, where he had a chance to enjoy driving the best cars and bikes and feed his hunger for adrenaline. He had visited the most exotic places during the Camel Trophy (1990-1995) and he participated as press stuff in the Dakar rallies (2005, 2006, 2010). Thanks to his job he met a lot of interesting and inspiring people, such as F1 drivers, Car designers or Olympic medalists. Before he traveled around the world with his wife Vula, visiting 67 countries in 5 continents in 1177 days, he had lived in a jungle for 1 year. His adventures were published on and in his book The World Offroad.

Paolo Brutti - Driver

I was Born in Zevio (Verona, ITALY) on December 13. 1960 and I live in Verona. I'm a photographer, more for passion than for work. I'm doing this job since last century, precisely since October 1985, with various Societies until May 2005. Now I have my own business. I'm registered on Journalists' Bulletin Board since June 2003. In these past years I worked with various private companies, communication and photographic agencies. I ranged from fashion to still life, from company reports to exibitions, from sports photos (basket - volley - soccer - rugby) to performance photos (theather - operas in Arena di Verona - concerts). I always have the intention of providing an image that works for the ultimate using context. At the same time, however, I long to create and I'm committed to find new stimuli outside normal business: I'm trying to document and testify that in poor areas of the world, as in ASIA (Thailand, Philippines, India, China) and AFRICA (Saharawi, Mali, Burkina Faso, Kenia, Tanzania), there's a dignity that in our "world" is disappearing.

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