From Bolivia
To Argentina

Along the silk road
26 December
Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Erminando Aliaj - Photographer

Erminando was born in 1984 in Vlora (Albania) and recently he lives in Brescia (Italy). He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts SantaGiulia. He works as freelance fashion and portrait photographer and as teacher of fashion photography and its history at the Academy of Luxury in Milan. He collaborates with the Carosello Records, taking photos of artists like Stefano Bollani, Irene Grandi, Emis Killa etc. and as director of photography for their music videos.

Federico Bajetti - Driver

Federico was born in Brescia (Italy) in 1990. He has always been passionate about traveling, nature and photography. He felt in love with photography thanks to his father and two uncles. In 2008, during the period of his studies in the United States, he bought his first reflex, revolutionizing the way of seeing the world through the lens. Federico graduated in Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts. Nowadays he collaborates with an estimated London fashion photographer and his priorities continue to be photography and travels, with more than 30 countries visited in the last 3 years. In 2012, he appeared in the reality show The Apprentice as official photographer at the Giochi Preziosi in Milan. He writes and shots reportage for the ThePostInternazionale. “No matter where, no matter how, it’s enough something to see, to explore, photograph and tell.”

Giulio Tonincelli - Videomaker

Giulio was born in Brescia (Italy) in 1984. He graduated in graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts SantaGiulia. After his studies, he worked for a period in a communication agency until he decided to leave Italy and travel around China, Tibet and Australia. Once back home he moved to Milan where he worked with several photographers and started to collaborate with the video production company Sette Secondi Circa. In 2012, he moved to New York and he worked for Russ&Reyn and Steve McCurry Studios. In 2013, he joined Intermed Onlus on their trip between Turkey and Syria and he made a documentary film from this adventure. 

Paolo Corti - Driver

Behind the steering wheel between Bolivia and Argentina, you will find Paolo. He was born in Brescia (Italy) as well as some of his team colleagues (Giulio and Federico). Paolo is explorer and he goes for every adventure. 

Giuliano Radici - Photographer

Guliano’s strongest language is photography. It allows him to express both, his aesthetic and emotional skills. According to his words: “Photography is curiosity for everything beautiful and ugly”. You can find his photos in the MAM (the Museum of Modern Art, Rio De Janeiro), the Museum of San Marino, and the Fotokunst Museum (Denmark). When he looks for inspiration, he often wanders in the Orient. 

Gabriele Colleoni - Journalist

Gabriele was born in Bergamo (Italy) in 1956 and recently he lives and works in Verona. During his university studies, he worked as librarian, cultural animator and journalist. After the civil service, he definitely took the road of journalism and he started to work for non-governmental organizations, taking care of international cooperation. Recently he works for the local newspaper L’Arena as managing editor. He loves history and stories. For more than 40 years, he has been passionate about cycling. One of his dreams is to cycle around the world starting maybe in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and continuing through Rio de Janeiro (visiting his Brazilian friends). He always tries to remember the quote of Antonio Machado: “Wanderer, there is no path: the path is made by walking.”

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